Imagine if the best holidays meant doing nothing at all?

Slowing everything down and making time for yourself!

Make the most of the peace and quiet to recharge those batteries and channel positive vibes!


Let’s test the break Zen !

A day to take care of yourself, discover new disciplines, share a pleasant moment together and keep the benefits long after. Sophrology in the heart of the dunes, healthy lunch and yoga on the beach, for greater inner happiness.

Sabine, Yoga Teacher

"Yoga is for flexible people, it is boring, it does not build muscle !!!" What preconceived ideas !!! We do the breathing exercises, the movements, all in a playful atmosphere. Impossible You listen to your body, you rest, your mind, you strengthen yourself without realizing it. Imagine my joy when I arrived at Fort-Mahon-Plage and that I discovered this immense beach ideal for! And what a pleasure to share these moments of serenity, to exchange great energies with my new friends and followers! Do not hesitate for a second to get started, you will be surprised!

Just for you!

A girly weekend

Fed up with the “commute-work-sleep" routine?

Why not take yourself off with your friends for a big gulp of sea air, and kick back, girly style?! Right then!

Let’s get moving, get our best friends on board, and head to the seaside! Gossip, pampering and craziness guaranteed!! Be like them!

do as they do !