Live nature sensations

Meeting with nature

The beach, the dunes and wild Authie Bay - local landscapes that change with the seasons and the tides. Fort-Mahon-Plage is good for both body and soul. 

Hervé and his gang

The bay swathed in indigo

What we love is making a pilgrimage to Fort-Mahon-Plage and admiring the sea lavenders flowering in Authie Bay. It covers all the salt marshes with a lilac coloured carpet. Stand and contemplate this timeless, natural landscape that serves as the perfect studio for family photos! And we always leave with a tiny bouquet of dried flowers, to store all year round at home. Something to keep the holiday memories alive for a little longer!

Small catches and treasure hunts!

When nature gives, it’s only right to make the most of it! Shrimps, glasswort, clams, baby sole, crabs, shells, feathers, driftwood and tiny creatures from the foreshore.... It's a chance to hunt for treasure and see what miracles you can catch! Go back to basics, to the simple life, to sharing and to nature in all its authenticity!