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Family atmosphere


Fort-Mahon has been known as the family beach or children’s beach since 1900.

Even today, grandparents enjoy coming back with their grandchildren, while parents introduce them to their special places and favourite secrets,
and share anecdotes from their childhood. It’s great to spend time (re)living these moments that they’ll never forget.
There’s a strong concept of passing down through the generations. The smell of waffles when you get to the beach,
the sand that sticks to your feet, building walls to keep back the rising tide…
We all have our particular Proustian memory!

Kids’ top 10 favourite activities:

A wonderful story: Fort Mahon - a real family destination!

Tranc'Art Family

Francis, 69, fab granddad to Maud (11), Auguste (6), Capucine (5) and George (3). He's been coming back to Fort-Mahon for as long as he can remember!

“To start with, Fort-Mahon beach was where my grandparents’ holiday home was. Fort Mahon has seen me grow from a small child right up to the granddad I am today !

Fort-Mahon is where our family comes together, with my brothers and sisters, nephews and nieces, their children, our children and our grandchildren...  Even if we see each other elsewhere, we all love this particular tradition of meeting up here: time stands still, routines fade into the background, the generations mix, and it feels like we've all gone back to our childhood, enjoying various different activities together, regardless of the weather and the season... Things like walking, playing team games, swimming, sand-yachting and speed sailing, going on boat trips, playing tennis, fishing and shrimping, or just going down to the beach in a big group of us! On the hottest days, we’d stay on the beach as long as possible, loving watching it empty out before enjoying picnics and aperitifs.

 I’ve now passed on the Fort Mahon bug to my own daughters: they wouldn’t pass up a chance to stay in Fort-Mahon for anything, winter or summer! I have no doubt that my grandchildren will do the same; all four of them are very attached to Fort-Mahon !”

Away with grandma and granddad

Emma’s favourite type of holiday!

“Going on holiday with my grandparents is just brilliant ! Granddad tells us stories, and Grandma lets us in on all the silly things daddy did when he was little." It’s also an opportunity to strengthen relationships, and share in times when the children are particularly indulged.
“There are no "naughty corners" here!” “Why not make the most of it?”

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