A few little keepsakes to take home…



A list of what you fancy !

To make your holidays last even when you get home, take a taste of Fort-Mahon with you or share your favourite thing with your friends, head for the row of shops on the Avenue de la Plage and buying a souvenir or traditional speciality.

In our Tourist Office shop, we’re quick to stock local, French-made produce and creations by local craftspeople,
as well as items made from natural materials !

You’ll be sure to find something to make you happy with our team on hand to advise, and share their tips and expertise !

Children’s favourite !

This gorgeously soft seal is a sure winner to keep kids happy. The perfect companion for getting to sleep while dreaming of the sands and waves. Monk, white or grey seal – it’s a difficult choice !

For collectors…

The Fort-Mahon medal is a lovely souvenir guaranteed to delight everyone: children, granddads and collectors alike! It's a must-have, and very reasonably priced.

The FMP Forever range !

The Tourist Office shop is also the “FMP Forever” brand, with a range of stickers, T shirts, caps, hats, badges, keyrings, snoods, notebooks, mugs to express your fondness for the resort. 

Beach Art Festival range !

Because we’re so proud of our eco-responsible “Beach Art Festival” event, we’ve created a collection that channels both beach spirit and surfing vibes.

Local producer events


“Once a month, the Tourist Office organises a public event with one of our local producers. It’s a great chance to indulge in some foodie discussions, share experiences and sample produce. Not to be missed if you consider yourself a gourmet !“ Stéphanie, designer of perfect holidays